Praetorian I - PRV

February 2018 - August 2019
Design and construct of multi-function Patrol-Riot Vehicle with over 35 proprietary solutions for the Polish Police. The car was tested at 10K km by 54 officers, obtaining a final score of 9.2/10 points. The National Police HQ took into account 70% of the final conclusions and recommendations in the van purchase procedure.
Industrial partner: D.S.GERMAZ

Praetorian II - MPV

March 2019 - December 2023
Design and construct of multi-function Multi-Patrol Vehicle with over 30 proprietary solutions for the Polish Police. Field tests of the vehicle lasted from June to December 2023. 105 police officers tested the car from six different units of the Mazovian-Garrison of Police (a wide range of usage situations), covering over 34,000 kilometers. 25 out of 31 tested innovations received ratings above 4 points (on a 1-5 scale). Work on the evaluation report is in progress.
Industrial partner: D.S.GERMAZ

Praetorian III - MMS

October 2019 - present day
Concept development and testing of the Mobile Modules System for the Riot Police Units, Border Guard, Fire Service, and Territorial Defense Force. System composed of Modules Docking Platform and 7 Low & High Build Modules (Capsules). Positive results of concept tests in the Polish Police & The European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (2019-2022). Begin work on a physical prototype.
Industrial partner: advanced talks underway.