User-Driven Innovations for Public Order and Safety

PRAETORIAN is an innovation development ecosystem for uniformed services (Police, Border Guard, Fire Service), built in close cooperation between academia, industry, and public administration.

By combining the experience and potential of three organizations, we have developed legal and organizational mechanisms, thanks to which we effectively implement NPD processes for uniformed services - from the diagnosis of needs, through joint development and testing of concepts and prototypes, to the evaluation of innovation and its introduction to the European markets.

Our goal is to create solutions tailored to the real needs of officers. We acquire the knowledge of experienced officers, observe and follow new technologies, and expand international contacts. All this to be able to build, test and develop meaningful innovations. So that, ultimately, officers could get better equipment.

The Polish Platform for Homeland Security

Poznan University of Economics and Business Knowledge Transfer Company

The Polish Association of University Knowledge Transfer Companies